18,000 Aadhar Registration Centers

18,000 Aadhar Registration Centers

New Delhi: Around 18,000 Aadhaar Registration Centers have been set up in banks and post offices across the country. Here is a biometric id update along with Aadhaar registration, according to the Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey. UIDAI has demanded public and private banks in July last year to set up Aadhaar Registration Center at least one of the 10 branches.

“Aadhaar centers continue to be set up in banks and post offices. This facility has been provided to 18,000 places so far. These centers will be set up elsewhere, “Pandey said. Overall, 26,000 centers will be available at banks and post offices. UIDAI has been asked to set up Aadhaar centers in banks with the aim of facilitating Aadhaar certification process for accounts.

“Aadhaar Registration Centers have to be set up in 13,800 branches of public and private banks, and it has been completed in 10,000 branches so far. They have been set up in 8,000 branches for 13,000 post offices, “Pandey said. He did not answer the question as to what would happen to the rest of the target. Banks and Post Offices are working hard in this regard.


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