A Turned Down Marriage Proposal Because Of A Dog

Karishma Walia from Gurgaon called off her wedding which is arranged a groom by her family members. Apparently, she is working in Gurgaon, near to Delhi as an Analyst in MNC. Before a couple of days to her marriage, she called off her marriage, that shocks all of her family members.

If you listened to the reason behind the cancellation will leave you speechless.

To know what happened just get into the story right now. Karishma Walia

Karishma Walia love for pets was shown on her social media profiles, love for dogs(not only dogs in fact animals) shows the compassion and kindness in the human being. Exactly which is seeing in Karishma Walia, but for choosing same choices like her is typical these days, this happened to her. Last year at

Last year at the time of September, her marriage was fixed with a guy by her family members. Before days of her marriage, she discussed her love of dog, and asked him, to take care of her pet dog after her marriage along with her. He immediately said no and also he hates dogs, also his mother doesn’t accept to take a dog into her house. All this discussion happened through famous messenger app Whatsapp. All these things break her heart and she immediately told about the marriage and called off her marriage.

To know full story what happened in detail watch below video here.

Do you watch this video, do you support her opinion for calling off her marriage because of this reason. As women there is right to equality at any place, I think this right decision about on life, rather than compromise. 


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