Ahead of Ivanka Trump’s visit, Hyderabad police gets rid of beggars from city streets

Search for Beggars Begins. The police were taking beggars into custody. Ban imposed on Begging in public places in the city came into effect on Wednesday. The police alerted moving beggars to the old age homes and resettlement centers.

As 3-days International Trade conference is going to be held in Hyderabad in which US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanca Trump also attending the conference. So In the context Operation ‘Beggar Free City’ is ongoing. On Wednesday, the city police sent around 70 people to the resettlement centers. Others were given counseling and sent to their home places.

Traffic and law enforcement agencies kept special surveillance at public areas. They are looking after beggars at the roads, junctions, parks, and temples. The police are first giving counseling to beggars to avoid resistance. Police noticed that some beggars died due to illness in the face of climate change and some strangers attacked beggars on footpath and the killings have also been reported on beggars. In this background, we are moving them to resettlement centers near Cherlapally.

The beggars do not know the details of these notifications, operations and conferences. With out begging how can we fill our stomachs beggars questions. However, the police are working to provide food, clothing , shelters and medicine to those . Those who are interested in working in factories are paying Rs 400 per eight hours.


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