Andheri bridge collapse: Part of road over bridge collapses on track in Mumbai

Andheri bridge collapse: Part of the road overbridge collapses on track in Mumbai

Mumbai: The mishap occurred in Mumbai on Tuesday morning. Gokhale Road Overbridge, a part of the Andheri Railway Station, collapsed on the track due to heavy rains. At that time, all the trains were breathless when the trains were not on that route. Officials stopped rail traffic on the western line immediately after the incident.The assistant staff who received the information got into the scene.

It is believed that anyone can be trapped under the umbrellas. Officers who have stopped traffic on the bridge now have started auxiliary activities. The Gokhale Bridge was built by connecting east and west anthies. Officials say the two have been wounded in the incident. Removal of bells is currently underway. Passengers are experiencing severe difficulties due to the failure of trains. The Railways has taken immediate steps to improve the situation. Have a look at this video.


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