AP Unemployment scheme allowances schemes beneficiary age start from 18 years to 35 years

Chief Minister Chandrababu will announce unemployment allowance scheme in the state on Saturday. The cabinet subcommittee on designing the provisions of the scheme was convened on Wednesday at the Assembly Committee Hall. Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, K. Achennaidu, Nara Lokesh, Planning Board Vice President C Kumbumbura Rao, Youth Welfare Special Secretary LV Subrahmanyam participated in the meeting. The ministerial subcommittee has prepared some proposals. Chief Minister Chandrababu will take a final decision on Friday. This will be discussed in the assembly on Saturday. Officials say that the Chief Minister is likely to announce the implementation of the Scheme.

The proposal made by Cabinet Subcommittee on Eligibility

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years. Maximum age limit is 35 years.
  • Minimum Qualification Intermediate.
  • Unemployment benefit of Rs.1500 per month
  • There is a discussion about how the different slabs can be implemented according to the results. The subcommittee has proposed to implement a single slab so that everyone can get same benefits considering them as unemploy. 
  • Only one member from the family.
  • White ration card, Aadaar card and Voter Identity card is mandatory.
  • land with less than five acres.
  • Those who own a car are not eligible.
  • To increase social awareness among unemployed people, Unemployees are entrusted with the responsibility of implementing government programs, such as the Swacha Bharat and Vanam Manam, 
  • It is estimated that between 8 lakh and 10 lakh people are entitled to unemployment benefit.
  • Skilled training centers for those who are unemployed to create jobs will be implemented and government will bear the cost of it.
  • Rs.500 crore allocated by the state government budget and the funds spent by the Central Government for the unemployed and the expenditure incurred by various sub-planes.


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