BJP to Release 225 Manifestoes for Karnataka's 224 Assembly Segments

BJP to Release 225 Manifestoes for Karnataka’s 224 Assembly Segments

BANGALORE: The Congress, BJP and JDS parties are trying to win the elections in Karnataka Assembly elections. The parties that are already shouting campaigns are preparing to announce the manifestos in the wake of the nomination process. Efforts are made to pave the way for the success of the leaders to attract the people and voters.

224 constituencies in the BJP .. 225 manifestoes 
The BJP, which wants to gain power in this election, at the same time it is doing hard for the election. Party spokeswoman Waman Acharya said they arranged the Manifestoes each and party and also arrange one for one Consitution. Regarding this 500 experts received information. Party leader Dr. Ashwathnarayan said that a survey of 3 lakh people online and offline was conducted. The state-level manifesto will be released after district-level leaders have released their Manifesto for their constituency.

Rahul Gandhi in Mangalore
Congress president Rahul Gandhi will be announced by Manifesto in Mangalore. If the BJP is the main voting bank, Rahul will see voters in any of the rallies in Mangalore. Shri Pittoda, Prithviraj Chauhan, Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress Manifesto are being formed. After 28 months, the Manifesto will be released in Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore areas.

The Congress party, which made 165 promises in the 2013 elections, is the reason for their success. The Manifesto Committee was set up under the leadership of senior leader Veerappa Moily for Bangalore City. Moyili said the manifesto is being developed as the core issues of development, social justice, and agriculture.

 JDS retired  under IAS

JDS also seems to have announced their plans within a week. Retired IAS officer Dr Subrahmaniya will be in Manifesto, where he will be focusing on agriculture, industries, water resources and infrastructure.

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