‘Burnt man to death to save girl from ‘love jihad’: New video in Rajsamand case goes viral

The Strange incident occurred on Thursday morning in Rajasthan. The young man was killed seriously, as he involved in ‘Love Jihad’. The incident took place in Rajasamand district. Mohammad Afrozul of Malda district in West Bengal is a contract worker in Rajasthan

In this background a person called Shambulal took Afrozul to desert area in the name of work. There Shambulal attacked Afrozul with axe. The Shambulal did care even victim cry. The video was also taken by his friends over this scene. In the video he gave a warning that if any do love Jihad it will repeat. After all that man was burnt alive the video has gone viral in social media.

Reacting to the crime, Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria said it was “shocking” how Sheikh was killed. “Accused has been arrested and a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up for investigation in the case,” Kataria told. A special investigation team was ordered to investigate the murder.

The police were conducting their investigations when the video went viral. In the video, initially it can be seen that the perpetrator hits the man killed with an agricultural tool, then pours kerosene oil on his body and burns him alive.

Meanwhile, the situation in Rajsamand is being closely monitored by authorities, with the Inspector General of the Udaipur range, Anand Srivastava camping in the district to keep a watch on the law and order situation in the area.


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