CM KCR Speaks About Gouds Welfare In The Assembly Session 2018

CM KCR Speaks About Gowda Welfare In The Assembly Session 2018

Telangana Chief Minister KCR speaks on Gowda Welfare in Assembly Budget Session which took place today, during this session he announced that the tax on palm trees would be completely canceled. Gowdabhavan construction will take place soon, for the construction state allocated Rs 5 crore in 5 acres. Rs 5,000 was sanction for the Kallugita workers

And also increased the term limits of renewals from five to ten years. He addressed the Gowda cast people who believe the principle of their cast is very important and the past leader was filed to the fallow the principle of the cast. In the last three years, He said Rs 6.38 crore was reimbursed. Last but not least, CM spend some money for money river, trees, palms and others etc. Have a look at this video. 




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