Cooking Gas Prices Hikes In Hyderabad

Cooking Gas Prices Hikes In Hyderabad

The price of cooking gas has been going up since the last couple of months. Currently, the average cost of cooking gas has risen by Rs 58 per cylinder to Rs 811. It increased to Rs.108  within two months. However, a rise of Rs 58 to the homeowners of DBT (subsidy) is withdrawing in bank accounts. But in advance of paying Rs811, the average life is somewhat disturbing. Oil companies have raised the price of cylinder refinery prices up to 20 percent last December, by reducing prices four times in the name of revising the price of subsidies by the central government to take a subsidy on LPG cylinders. The price has risen again for the last two months.

In fact, the increased price of a subsidized cash bank is in the form of a bank account including a neutral paisa. One time cylinder is a large amount of cash. In the bank, subsidy payments are not taxed on time as well as financial difficulties for consuming poverty. Household cooking gas consumers pay cash at market price, but excluding subsidized cylinder prices, the remaining payments are deposited in the bank account under cash transfer. Last month, subsidy money was Rs 263.50 in the bank account and the latest increase was Rs 321.50. On the other hand, delivery boys are also feeding on cooking gas cylinders. Rs 20 to 25 per cylinder is being charged.

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