Crisis situation’ in Delhi as air pollution worsens

The situation in Delhi getting too worsen day by day. The level of pollution does not decrease. Even today, the Half Marathon was canceled due to the hazardous pollution in Delhi.

Air pollution caused by burning agricultural waste in neighboring states is hitting Delhi. The government of Delhi has announced holidays for schools in Delhi considering health of students.

Medical experts have also warned that people with respiratory diseases who are already suffering with asthma may face more difficulties in breathing with this pollution.

Delhi Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal, described the Delhi city as a gas chamber, he also said that it is not safe children to come out. Many people who come out on mandatory work are hospitalized and complains that their eyes are burning and the throat is paining.

The Central Pollution Board considers dangerous if the air pollution crosses 100 readings. This reading has a maximum of 500. The current level of pollution in Delhi is 451, which can be assumed at what level the situation is.

The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday took the governments of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to task, asking them to explain why preventive steps were not taken to control the air quality in the region.

Hours after the Indian Medical Association declared a public health emergency in New Delhi, the government in the capital issued health advisories for high-risk groups, including children and the elderly, asking them to avoid outdoor activities


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