Domestic violence case against Yuvraj Singh

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has been charged under domestic violence. The case was filed by Yuvraj’s brother Jorawar Singh’s wife Akanksha Sharma. Akanksha sharma advocate Swati Singh Malik said that the case was registered under the domestic violence law against Akanksha’s husband Jarowar, Aunt Shabnam Singh and¬†Yuvraj Singh.

Akanksha Sharma is staying away from Jarowar. They have a son. The case is also in process in court on whom the son is to be with. When asked how it is registered a case against Yuvraj in the case of domestic violence, she said, “This case can not be registered only under physical violence. It can also be registered against those who keeps mental and economic pressure on a person.” In the context Yuvraj name is added. Jarowar and “Shabnam keep pressure on Akanksha for Baby and Yuvraj is supporting the family. So that Yuvraj name is added in the case” Swathi Singh Malik said.

A few days ago, Shabnam complained to the police seeking to recover the jewels from Akanksha . Swati said, “Shabnam complained against Akanksha to give back the jewels that were purchased after the marriage.


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