Donald Trump Kim Jong Un Singapore Summit Details

Donald Trump Kim Jong Un Singapore Summit Details

Singapore: The collaboration of the US President Trump and Kim Jong Un(North Korea President) has left entire world in a surprise. This most awaited event has taken place at Sentosa Island venue in Singapore on the wee hour of this morning. They expressed their belief that their first historical discussion will be successful. And many countries are very excited to hear the talks between Trump and Kim Jong Un. Here complete details of this rare summit. 

Two months ago, both leaders, rebuke each other publicly, made keynote discussions. This summit was held between the US and North Korea leaders at the Capella Hotel in Singapore as the main agenda was to convince North Korea of nuclear disarmament. Talks between Trump and Kim have been held for almost 48 minutes. Kim & Trump discussed in nuclear weapons. Trump suggested Kim to go out of the nuclear weapons and cooperate with North Korea for nuclear disarmament. If it is agreed, Trump offered to guarantee North Korean security and provide financial aid. It is interesting that Kim will take any decision in this context. After first deliberations, the Presidents met with the diplomatic missions of the two countries.

  • No warranties to the end of the war
  • If it does not move towards diplomacy, it is the head of the idea of imposing more restrictions on North Korea
  • American preparedness to give special guarantees
  • Kim is determined to strengthen the economy
  • Trump Kim has many aspects to come up with reference
  • The meeting is going to hold with representatives of the two countries
  • The long negotiations between the Presidents of both countries to distinguish differences. Have a look at this video.


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