Donald Trump : Our Atom bomb is more powerful

US President Donald Trump strongly warned North Korea after the statement released by them, the plans to make an intruder near the United States have been announced as soon as the Korea warns, Trump replied. “It’s the first order I gave as president to restore America’s nuclear weapon. America’s armory is now more powerful than ever. I do not think I should ever use this power. I do not want time to use it, “Trump warned.

The president of the North Korea does not understand if it is said in diplomatic language. Now he understands the President’s warning. There is no threat to those coming to other areas in the US. The US Secretary of State Rex Tillaerson said that this would only have diplomatic pressure. Tillerson said, “Do not need panic to such threats , Americans can sleep well.”

Immediately after US President Donald Trump warning, Korea warned America as they are planning to attack US island Guam in the Pacific Ocean. The United States has condemned the recent reconnaissance of Korea’s latest missile experiments. Trump warned that Korea would pay a huge price for these experiments.


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