EB-5 Visa Program being Extended to December 22

Good news for those who want to settle in America. The EB-5  visa application for ‘Golden Visa’ has been extended till December 22. Analysts say this is a matter of choice for those who want to get these visas, but it is the last opportunity for extension expansion.

Tinuz Patel, MD of LD Capital Bridge of America’s Commercial Leading Company said, “This is good chance for applicants who are waiting for a short-term period.”

The EB 5 visas rose its prominence after H1-B visa regulations tightened after US President Donald Trump reins. This visa program was brought to the US Congress in 1990. For this the VISA holder have to invest 5 million dollars personally in the United States and employ the unemployed American youth. It really is ‘Golden Chance’ for those who want to settle in America.

Particularly, Indians mostly go to H1-B visas and settle there. EB 5 visa offers Indians the opportunity to settle there, including their families. Currently Indians are in the sixth position to get these types of visas. Analysts say that the EB5 has increased in the wake of the H1-B-Rules tightening and applications from India for this kind of visas are also expected.

Currently graduates in US universities are most likely to choose an EB-5 visa. Getting a green card is also easy with this visa. India is currently ranked sixth in the EB-5 visas. Patel said the EB-5 applications from India are also growing. The US Congress raised the deadline for three months in September. This is the second time this year it raised the deadline.


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