Eman Ahmed, once ‘world’s heaviest woman’ dies

The world’s most weighty Egyptian woman, Eman Ahmad, heavier with a weight of 500 kg. But doctors said that she had losed her weight heavily when she was being treated at Saffi Hospital in Mumbai.

Egypt’s 36-year-old Eman Ahmad is the world’s heaviest woman with a weight of 504 kg. Eman Ahmad shifted to India in a special cargo flight for treatment from the city of Alexandria. Eman admitted to SiFi Hospital on May 4, 2017, reduced to 300 kg by bariatric surgeon.

She was specially brought to Mumbai on a cargo flight and they said she can go in a business class on a regular flight. Shaima, sister of Eman said that she did not loss her weight but had more complications in her health. As a result, the doctors who treated her had been resigned from the case.

Eman, who was recently migrated to Mumbai from Abu Dhabi, was admitted in the hospital this morning. Because of heavy weight, Eman Ahmad is already suffering from heart, lungs, kidney and neurological illness. This morning the she died of a heart attack with infections. On Monday morning, the doctors revealed that she had been died with Heart Attack.

Officials from the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where Eman was being treated, confirmed the news. She had celebrated her 37th birthday only a week ago.


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