Facebook fined 1.2Million euros for privacy violations

The Spanish Information Conservation Agency has imposed a fine of €1.2 Million on the leading social media giant Facebook for failing to protect the information collected from consumers and series of violations regarding its data-harvesting activities from users in Spain. Facebook collected personal information like consumer ideology, gender and religious beliefs etc.However, the Spanish company claims that it was not clear why they were collected such information. It also found even the users have requested, not to disclose their details to Facebook.

The fine imposed based on investigation into the social network company conducted alongside similar probes in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, the AEPD authority said.

The regulator found Facebook collects data on ideology, sex, religious beliefs, personal tastes and navigation — either directly, through users’ use of its services or from third party pages — without, in its judgement, “clearly informing the user about the use and purpose”.

Earlier EU also fined Facebook about 110 million euros over Whats App deal.


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