Female MP’s Launch Campaign To End Gender Pay Gaps

The only thing that can be done is a single work, but it’s a big difference to the wage. The discrimination in wages has continued for many years, from the labor of women in the labor force to the CEO’s. Most of these studies have been kept out of time with statistics. The debate over the discrimination began around the world as BBC Chinese editor Carry Gracey resigned from his position saying there was no equal wage for women equal to men.

Now the latest on the internet has started a campaign PayMeToo with a hashtag. Some MP’s, led by the Labor Party MP Stela Crease, opened a movement called PayMeToo to look for differences in women and female wages in the UK, not only was it started with a website titled PayMeToo, but also began to be widely publicized on social media.

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Britain made a new law to disclose the difference in the wages to women and men of a private companies with more than 250 employees for one hour work. The deadline was imposed on April 4th, so the ongoing wage discrimination against women in many companies came to light. 

There is a huge difference between men and women salaries in Britain. Women’s are largely working in the retail sector and the wage difference to women in that sector is 50 percent. The difference in women’s are 18 per cent of the workforce and 59 per cent in the banking finance sector.  A total of 78 per cent of the companies are men’s wages than women, and there is discrimination among women’s wages in public sector organizations. 


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