Finally, John F Kennedy’s Assassination Files Revealed By Donald Trump


Finally, Mr. Donald Trump has ordered the much-awaited release of about 2,800 secret documents related to the assassination of John F Kennedy but withheld others for further review on national security grounds.

Mr. Donald Trump stated that “I have no choice,” by citing “potentially irreversible harm” to national security if he were to allow all records to come out now. He placed those files under a six-month review while letting 2,800 others come out, racing a deadline to honor a law mandating their release.

British paper got anonymous call just before assassination 

Here the important point is that the call was made according to British Security service calculations, about 25 minutes before the president was shot. The Cambridge reporter had never received a call of this kind before and British Security service state that he is known to them as a sound and loyal person with no security record. 

About the death of Lee Harvey Oswald 

J Hoover said the FBI informed police of a threat against the life of Lee Harvey Oswald the night before Oswald was killed. But police did not act on it, as Hoover said. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot to death two days after killing Kennedy by a nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, as he was being transferred from the city jail. 

 J Edgar Hoover’s concerns 

He concerns about Lee Harvey Oswald death as “inexcusable” after “our warnings to the Dallas Police Department”. 

Potential threats  

One document describes a person who sent a letter to Johnson in December 1963 stating “you’re doomed.” The document says: “Interviewed 1/23/64; friendly. Said letter was a joke. Not dangerous. Attending 5th grade.”  

Plot to kill Castro 

A 1975 document on the CIA’s role in foreign assassinations said there were plans to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the beginning days of the Kennedy government.

The report said the President’s brother told the FBI he learned the CIA hired a person “to approach Sam Giancana with a proposition of paying $150,000 to hire some gunman to go into Cuba and kill Castro.”


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