Four boys rescued from Thai cave but rest must wait as air tanks are replenished

Four Boys Rescued From Thai Cave But Rest Must Wait As Air Tanks are Replenished

The first day of operation to rescue 13 people trapped in the Tamu Luang cave in Thailand was successful. The operation lasted for 12 hours Sunday and brought out four students. The management officials said Monday that the operation would begin to protect the remaining 8 students along with the coach. Those who come out of the cave are taken to the hospital by a military helicopter and are being treated. Chiang Rai provincial governor Norongsku said that they are competing with water and supporting the operation.

With weather warnings:
The officers who informed the boys’ families initially started operation in the wake of the weather warnings that heavy rains could occur in the next 3-4 days. Each boy had plans to bring two divers 4 km safely. They are fitted to the door without being misguided. Then there were 15 international diving experts and five Thai Navy Seals. Four children were taken out of the cave on Sunday morning from 10 am to 9 pm.

Regarding this, the pipe is equipped with a kilometer without dropping the oxygen level in the cave. The water level in the cave has helped to reduce relief to the aid of continuous water. The narrow paths in the cave, the lack of muddy water, and the lack of swimming in these children became a major obstacle to supporting operations. At least 400 meters in the upper cave dug 100 holes in the cave to get these students out, but there was no result.


Four of the children who were brought out of the cave was immediately rushed to the Chiang Rai campus in the helicopter. Currently, 35 doctors are being treated. A hospital doctor said one of the four surviving children was concerned. 12 students, including the Wild Bowers, a basketball team in south Thailand, visited Tam Leung Cave on June 23. As they walk into the cave, flooding entrance is closed with heavy rains.

Elon Musk:
The spaces and boring company specialists were sent to the courtyard to bring the children safely out, said a leading industrialist and space explorer Elon Musk. We have sent a special small submarine to bring out children. US President Trump said that working with the government of Thailand to bring out children.

From June 23 :
June 23: 12 students accompanied by assistant coach Akapal (25) entered the Tamu Luang cave. They were caught inside the entrance due to flooding. 
June 24: Officials have discovered bicycles and toes marks at the entrance of the cave. 
June 26: Naval seal divers pushed back into the area when the town of Pattaya beach in Guha was damaged. 
June 27: Nearly 30 American Pacific Command participated in military operations with military professionals and three British divers. But no progress has been made due to flood flow. 
June 28: Pumps have been set up to cope with the water in the cave. Drones have been dropped to explore alternative routes to protect students. 
July 2: British divers found that coach ankle was alive along with 12 students. They were given food and medicines. 
July 6: Saman Kunnan, a Navy SEAL commander who went to protect, died of oxygen in the tank. 
July 8: Four officers have been brought out safely by the authorities who assisted the operation.

Ekapal Chantavang (25) Many initially criticized the reason for 12 children in the accident. But the divers who went inside said that the children in the cave had taken an extraordinary care without being ill. He was a Buddhist monk in the past and revealed that his students were mentally depressed and focused on meditation and other issues. Ten years later, he lost his parents and joined as a monk in a Buddhist church. Ekala left the monastery three years ago and came to Mae to look after her grandmother.

Joining as an assistant coach for a soccer team called Wild Bores at a school there. In the cave, the children who have been caught for 15 days have taken an extraordinary care without losing psychological stability. In the end, she gave her food and water to hungry children. He has now been weakened by the humiliation of the cave. Ekapal believes that the students will be able to focus on the students in soccer. The school convinces the chief coach Vallarta to give soccer wear and shoes to students who have good marks in school. It is noteworthy that many students’ parents have commented that their children are still alive because of the Ekapal.

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