Google Brings Free Wi-Fi to 400 India Train Stations

Google Brings Free Wi-Fi To 400 India Train Stations

Google is the great company in the world, day by day it expanding its business in various sectors with innovative thoughts. Recently, Google brings a free Wi-Fi zone to India train station which has reached a milestone. Google first introduced free Wi-Fi in Assam later they are improving the fast and free wireless project to about 400 India railway station, where millions of people can connect with Wi-Fi for half hour. It’s also a way for Google to grow its presence in India — which, in turn, helps its online advertising business, with more people being able to access the search engine in the country.

According to reports, before accessing the wifi you have complete the verification process with your mobile number. In this producer, it generates one-time password sent through SMS. The high-speed WiFi will be available for the first 30 minutes only, and it will decrease slowly, but still stable and active connection. The idea behind this is probably to offer a quick and fast way to check your mail, social profiles, send a message or just see what are the news real quick. Have a look at this video.


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