Hafiz Saeed Sending To West Asian Country For Safe Heaven

Hafiz Saeed Sending To West Asian Country For Safe Heaven

NEW DELHI: A few persons are trying to escape the Hafeez Saeed, who is the main accused in the Mumbai attack and he is the chief of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah terror organization.  The national daily newspaper ‘The Hindu’ has published a sensational report as Pakistan and China have been trying to do this. Some international countries compelling Pakistan to handover the Hafiz Saeed to India who involved in the terror attack in Mumbai 26/11.

In this article, the Hindu has stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has suggested that Hafiz Saeed should be sent to any West Asia country. It would be possible for Saeed to live a peaceful life in the West, said Jinping. 

Jinping and Abbasi met last month in Beijing as China. About 35 minutes have been discussed on many topics. The Hindu reported that Jinping spoke about the topic of Hafiz Saeed for about 10 minutes. Saying Jinping told Abbasi that it would be difficult to find a solution to this problem by avoiding Saeed. Have a look at this video.


In this regard, the Abbasi government has discussed the issue with the judiciary. However, they have not yet shown the solution. The Abbasi government comes to end on 31st Anniversary, and they are planning to handover the issues to the newly formed government. General Elections will be held in Pakistan at the end of July this year.

After the Mumbai attacks, the United Nations Hafiz Saeed was recognized as an international terrorist. The United Nations, India, and the US have announced a reward of 5 million dollars to the finding Saeed.

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