India suspends Nirav Modi’s passport

It is known that the famous diamond trader Nirav Modi has been leaving the country for allegedly involved in fraudulent transactions of thousands of crores in Punjab National Bank (PNB). The Center has taken steps to bring him to India. The CBI has already approached the Interpol for Nirav. Recently, India has suspended his passport, the Central Foreign Office has said.

Nirav and his business partner Mehul Choxi passports suspended for four weeks, the Foreign Ministry said. This disclosure made it clear that it came into force immediately. Nirav and Choki gave a week-long respite to respond. Warned them it will cancel their passports if they did not react in due time. The passport has been suspended with instructions from the ED officers.

In Punjab National Bank Rs 11,400-crore scam was revealed. Nirav Modi and his business partner Mehul Choxi a case was filed against with complaint received from PNB for fraudulent transactions in the bank. Nirav and his family left the country a few weeks before the scandal came out. Nirav is currently in New York. The CBI and the ED officials have asked separately the Foreign Office to cancel the passport of Nirav and Choxi in the context of Scam.


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