India to get its first Bullet train

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is arriving today for a two-day visit, will together launch work on India’s first bullet train in Ahmadabad tomorrow. The project, a joint venture between the Indian Railways and the Japanese firm Shinkansen Technology, signals a big leap for the country’s transport infrastructure and overburdened railways.


  • Bullet train route – between Mumbai and Ahmadabad cities
  • Over Distance – 508 km in which construction on 468 km on track pillars, 13 kilometers on land, 27 km tunnel path, 7 km railroad from Bekasi to Diva under the sea.
  • Overall 12 station connecting Mumbai and Ahmadabad cities.
  • Speed ​​- between 320 km to 350 km per hour.
  • Travel time – 2 hours 58 minutes (from Mumbai train to Ahmadabad from 6.30 pm to 8 hours)
  • Initially 10 bogie bullet trains with 750 seats. Next with 16 compartments, and capacity of 1250 seats.
  • Total Cost of the project is Rs.1.10 lakh crore
  • Japan loan – Rs 88,000 crores (interest rate- 0.1 percent, loan maturity 50 years)
  • The construction of this rail line will provide employment to 20,000 construction workers. Upon completion of the project, there are 4,000 jobs in the management of the railways. Approximately 16,000 people are expected to get employment.


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