Indian companies create over 1 lakh jobs in US, says report

According to a report, Indian companies have created one lakhs jobs and invested millions of crores in the United States. Thereby provided a significant contribution to the countries economy. The Confederation Indian Industry (CII) has made this report in the name of ‘Bharat origins, America land’. According to the report, 100 companies in the United States and Puerto Rico gave 1,13,423 jobs.

In addition, they has invested nearly $ 1,800 billion (Rs. 1,15,000 crore) directly in United states. Indian Ambassador Navtej Sarna in the US said that Indian industry and professionals provide substantial assistance to the US economy. CII Director Chandrajit Banerjee said the Indian companies’ investment in the US is to say how the two countries are mutually cooperating with each other in their success.

Some more details of the CII report

  • India’s top 100 companies have created majorly 8,572 jobs in New Jersey. It is followed by Texas (7,251 jobs), California (6,749), New York (5,135) and Georgia (4,554).
  • Indian invested majorly $ 157 billion in New York, followed by $ 156 million in New Jersey, $ 93.1 billion in Massachusetts, $ 54.2 billion in California and $ 43.5 billion in Wyoming.
  • An average Indian company has an investment value of $ 18.7 million per state.
  • 85 per cent of companies are in the forefront of putting more investments into the US in the coming days. 87 per cent of companies are expected to provide jobs to locals in the next five years.
  • An estimated of $ 14.7 crores (Rs 1,000 crores), and $ 58.8 crores (Rs 4,000 crores) for research and development activities and under the corporate responsibilities


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