Indiana police shoot at actor playing ‘bank robber’ in movie: Viral Video

Indiana State Police officer was shot at a man believed to be a thief but was actually an actor in a film. Lucky bullet missed him and hit the wall. The incident took place in Indiana, USA. An investigation has been launched by Indiana State Police regarding the Issues

Getting into the details Jim Duff, an Hollywood actor – was playing a robber scenes of the film before the local bank in Indiana. Hollywood actor Jeff Duff is playing the role of a thief. In this background he went to the theft in the bank. A policeman from the Crawfordsville Department, who saw it, pointed the gun towards him by seeing duplicate gun at the hands of Jeff.

The members of the film noticing it shouted to drop the gun saying it’s just film shootingt. ‘throw the gun. He is not a real thief. ‘ But Police had had already fired at Jeff. Luckly he escaped from the bullet and bullet hit the wall. The video related to this became viral wehn the department released it in YouTube.


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