Intelligence Survey On Kodandaram Party TJS

Intelligence Survey On Kodandaram Party TJS

Hyderabad: The intelligent Telangana Janata Samiti (TJS), which was organized by Prof Kodandaram, has been in the process of assessing the extent of the impact of the election in the coming election. What is the opinion of the people on the TJS and the Kodandaram, the TJS movement from the TJAC is politically motivated, and the secret surveillance on the party’s tactics to rise to the ruling TRS? 

Start from that house …
The Telangana Jana Samiti organized a public meeting in Hyderabad on 29th and launched a political party. Since then, state intelligence sources have included TJs in a list of political analysts. All political parties, their strengths, weaknesses, the surveys and public intelligence formulas in the form of reportage, as well as four questions from the end of the last four months, have been credited with five questions on the TJ. The survey was completed in 119 constituencies in the state. Employment, unemployed, farmer, youth, minority, different castes, and communities. In the political circles, this survey is conducted with 500 to 1,000 from each constituency. These five questions seem to have been answered by yes and no answer to the question.

 The massive debate in the employee .

The Telangana Jana Samithi seems to have a huge impact on the job sectors. Intelligence found that only a handful of job leaders recognized the ruling party and caused serious opposition to the rest of the community. The surveillance sources have revealed that the party is now likely to be able to get rid of the opposition. The report also revealed that intelligence officials have included reports that job leaders are expected to expect a majority of MLA seats in the next election.

Where is the effect of …
Intelligence sources have clearly identified areas where TRS is in favor of the TJAC and areas affected by the TRS. There are 10 electorates in the districts of North Telangana and one in the Telangana region that has 16 members in the Telangana area. However, in its report, the party also has a strong presence in the financial strength, manpower and booth management for a full-fledged party, and some NRIs will provide financial assistance to the party in these matters. Similarly, it is clear that the parties, such as Congress and TRS, are not likely to migrate to the TJAC.

Intelligence sources asked the question:

Do you know about the TJS party?
Do not you think that he will substitute in the party election?
Do you think that the ruling party’s anti-people policies are adapting to the TJS?
Do you think social justice offers the people of the TJS Party?
Does the TJG party have the political maturity and economic stability?

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