Is December 21, 2017 Unlucky day? Astrologists Predicting Winter Solstice Will Be The Worst Day Of The Year

December 21st, is usually the shortest day of the year and is sometimes regarded as the first day of winter. December 21st is marks the winter solstice. But according to Western astrologers this year 2017 December 21 is going to be a bad day. As we are saying goodbye to year 2017 in 10 days, But While going 2017 is giving a bad day to us? 

According to Western astrologers what ever the task or work you start on December 21 and what ever the decision you take on this day, the decision and work results bad luck and failure. And this effect still continue in 2018. That’s what Western astrologers say! In fact, this is the shortest day of the year. But there is nothing big in this. But astrologer Neil Spencer has expressed concern that the Sun and Shani are entering into the same zodiac for first in 350 years. After 1664 AD this astronomical change is happening on December 21, 2017 i.e. on thursday.

‘It is profitable when Shani’ enters makara in people’s horoscope! But this is a terrific thing in the cosmic at macro level! Spencer also said, And many astrology websites suggest that no new decisions should be taken on Thursday. “Daylight hours are low on December 21. The power will be low in everyone. Don’t attend any meeting sessions. Do not start any new tasks. The result will continue in 2018 also, ‘ the Lunar Living website warns.


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