Israel to join US in quitting UNESCO

America has taken an Unpredictable decision. It decided to quit from The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (International Council for Cultural Organization) -UNESCO. And also made allegations against UNESCO. American Representative said that they are protesting against UNESCO anti-Israel policy.

The decision by the United States lead to big debate when UNESCO was going to elect for the new director. The US has seized the supply of funds to UNESCO since Palestinian Authority inception at the UNESCO in 2011. But UNESCO continue to work in UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Several senior officials of America  along with US Ambassador Nicky Hayley, has criticizing, UNESCO anti-Israeli policies.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the US decision as “brave and moral”, a statement said. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted he had instructed his foreign ministry to “prepare Israel’s withdrawal… in parallel with the United States”.

Unesco head Irina Bokova earlier called the US withdrawal a matter of “profound regret”.

The US withdrawal will become effective at the end of December 2018 – until then, the US will remain a full member. The US will establish an observer mission at the Paris-based organisation to replace its representation, the state department said.


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