Janmabhoomi for a happy AP from January 2-Objectives

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that the ‘Janmabhoomi-Ma Ooru’ program will be held from January 2 to 11 , 2018 and it will be completely different from the previous Janmabhoomi programs. “This is an improved version of Janmabhoomi program,” he said in a press conference held at AP Secretariat on friday. He said that he will be participating in the program at Darshi village, in Prakasam district. Every day, he is planning to visit one district and for ten days he will for ten districts and will speak daily on priority issue. Every day after noon Grama Sabha will be conducted from 2 : 30 and priority issues will be discussed in the sabha and decision will be taken on the issued raised in the Sabha. Through SC, ST, BC and other corporations about loans and facilities will be given to about 2 lakh people. The Chief Minister said that there will be a big festival between New Year and Sankranthi.

Headlines mentioned in the meeting ..

  • Many of the petitions received from Intintiki Intintiki Telugu Desam Program, Mee Kosam, Connect AP CM, Pariskhara vedika. In that petition excluding financial matters will be solved.  Petition included in financial matters will be solved after sanctationing.
  • New pensions, New ration cards which are finalized will be distributed in the Janmabhoomi Program.
  • Welfare – satisfaction, health – happiness, voluntary – ODF – ODF plus – values, education, development, infrastructure, natural resources – development, development of good governance – technology consumption, vision of Swarnandhra – poverty, win, Ananda Lahari all the issues will be discussed.
  • As part of the conservation of natural resources, Surya Namaskar Program will be conduced as if like Jala Harathi, Eruvaka.
  • Vision-2022, 2029, 2050 targets will be discussed. We will discuss the cooperation of the villagers in designing plans to reduce the economic inequalities and get at least Rs. 10000/- per month for each family.
  • Essay writing competition, painting, and local sports competition will be conducted. Rewards will be given on last of the program. Cultural programs are organized. Ideal farmers will be awarded. Food festival will conducted all mandals.
  • Janmabhoomi Control rooms were implemented. App is designed for the program. The Petitions will be uploaded on a day-to-day basis.
  • Rs.170 crore of scholarships, Rs 50 crore of Chandraanna Bheema Claims, Rs. 600 crore of Zero interest loans will be provided. Three and a half lakhs of empowerment have been set up. For one member are entrusted with 30 families.
  • About 1.80 lakh meetings together in all villages will be conducted in all Janmabhoomi programs. Gram sabhas will be conducted more organized than before.
  • We asked Non-resident Indians and people staying other states to come and join in Janmabhoomi program.
  • Standards will be maintained in Solving the petitions (Service Standards) . We will take action against those who do not resolve the problem before  deadline.
  • Air quality details are available online in various areas of the state. If any industry is affecting the area by ​​contamination, action will be taken on it. Air quality in Rayalaseema is better than Coastal Andhra.
  • Organic cultivation will be started in one lakhs acre of land in the state.
  • If the country chooses 85 best of the best villages in the country, 33 are in our state. Tenstars have been rated to improve Panchayat performance.
  • In ‘Janmabhoomi -Ma Ooru’, health awareness programs will be conducted.


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