JC Diwakar Reddy decides to resign as MP

Anantapur MP JC Diwakar Reddy made a sensational announcement on Thursday. ‘I can not do justice to people who believe in me and vote. That’s why I am resigning, “he said. This was revealed at a gathering of villagers at his residence in Anantapur on Thursday. As speaker was in his foreign tour Mr. Reddy would go to Delhi on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Later on Wednesday, he will submit his resignation letter to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. He also said he would continue in the Telugu Desam Party.

Chief Minister Chandrababu is only best able person for the state and once again he will become Chief Minister. Later he said about his failure in the issue of sanitation in Anantapur, the failure of the road width and the failure to bring water to the Chagallu Reservoir. He accused some powers are stopping of making Ananthapur Development. In his 40 years of political career, he never depended on any one. He said he had decided to step down as MP.


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