Justice Chelameswar to Retire, Unprecedented Moves and Uncompromised Judgments

Justice Chelameswar to Retire, Unprecedented Moves and Uncompromised Judgments

NEW DELHI: Justice Jasti Chalameshwar will be retiring on Friday who is has been serving as a judge in the Supreme Court for nearly seven years. He appealed to the Supreme Court Bar Associations not to hold a farewell meeting for him. Chalameshwar, known for being a straightforward man, worked as a member of several benchmarks.

On January 12, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice MB Lokakar and Justice Kurien Joseph, Justice Chalameshwar held a joint press conference and convicted Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, Justice Chalameshwar also has the Supreme Court of the 9 judges who has historically ruled that the right to privacy is a fundamental right. Recently, Uttarakhand Chief Justice Joseph Kurian was named in a five-member collegium nominated by the Supreme Court. Have a look at this video.<<SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE.


From Krishna district to the highest place
Born on June 23, 1953, Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, Movva Mandalam, and a large Muttevi village, Chalameshwar. He studied BSc (physics) at Loyola College in Chennai. He graduated from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam in Law in 1976. In 1995, AP Government was appointed as Additional Advocate General. In 1999, the AP High Court was promoted as Judge. In 2007, Guwahati was appointed as the High Court Judge and as the Kerala High Court Judge in 2010.

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