Kathua rape and murder case Political Parties Dual Stand

Three months later, national media woke up after the kidnapping of eight-year-old Muslim girl in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, and raping her for a week or so. That is why political parties doing protest over that issue and at the same time both parties are made accusing each other. Congress president Rahul Gandhi took part in a candle rally on Thursday night at India Gate against this brutal rape incident. In this rally Rahul Gandhi target Narendra Modi government, have also been accused of missing children. 

Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has announced that his government is trying to bring the law of hanging up to criminals in minor cases rape. Two ministers participated in various rallies in support of rape accused in the BJP.  Nevertheless, Chief Minister Mufti did not dare to take action against on them. The BJP government at the Center has been silent on this incident of rape.

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It is a sin that the Congress Party of the BJP and the Congress Party, along with BJP and Muftis of the Kashmir state governments, have been blamed for ’tilasam tila’. An eight-year-old girl from Gujjar-Bakarwall Muslim family in Rasana village disappeared in the surrounding home of January 11th Kathua District. Immediately after that father’s complained to the police, there was no response from them. On January 17, the baby was found dead near Ativi area. When it was sent to the postmaster, it was reported that the baby was sexually abused by the drugs. A 15-year-old boy named Dipu Bhaiya was arrested by the local policea after the investigation. The locals told him that the boy was innocent, and the boy who was dressed guilty of police torture at first gave him the feeling that he was not. Later the local BJP leader and RSS leader have demanded the police to handover the case for  crime branch. 


The case was handed over to the Mufti Crime Branch police. On December 23, the police arrested the Dipak Kajaria and Surinder Verma of the special security force operating in Kashmir for three days. The investigators have not yet revealed what they are battalion and their status. Both the BJP and the RSS activists took part in the February 14th and 17th of support of the Hindus in the upper castes. The case was demanded by the CBI. New Delhi Chief Minister and lawyer Vijay Verma, who recently created the ‘Hindu Ekta March’, has taken a massive rally in support of the accused on February 17. In the rally, two BJP ministers from Kattuva BJP president Vijay Sharma and state government attended the rally. It is surprising that most women participated in the rally. It is even more surprising that the rally will be “India Mathai Jai, Pakistan Muradabad” and not just slogan national flags.

Kathua rape and murder case Political Parties Dual Stand

On February 17, a group of Hindu leaders from Hiranagar met in Kathua District and decided to release Muslim families from Gujjar Barkarwall. In those families, no one should be treated as agricultural laborers. The meeting was attended by state BJP minister Rashpal Verma, Hiranagar BJP MLA Kuldeep Verma and Kathua District Congress Party president Subhash Gupta. The Jammu High Court bar association, led by the Congress party, has also sought to intensify the rape case. However, Rahul did not take any action against these leaders. Kathuva rape case was pretending to know him. With the news of the media now coming into the street. 

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