KCR plans for Comprehensive LandSurvey

Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekar Rao planed big to do land survey’s in the state. KCR took the decision because¬†In Telangana state, never understandable thing is Land documents and related land. A comprehensive survey of landlines has not been done so long ago. Pattadhar pass books .. Pahani papers do not take care to make sure that the records of the land have been made in a way that does not understand.

Now KCR Government took a serious decision to make survery over the lands and put focus of Reforms in mutation, Land Registration, Records etc., He has suggested to the officials that the survey should be conducted as a village unit in the state and the survey will be conducted as soon as possible. The high level review was held on the way to the clearing of ground lands on Monday. He said the files were not cleared again except in the Nizam’s 1936 earthquake. This is the issue of law and order issues.¬†He said, We have decided to survey all the land in the state to end them. What land is in the area and suggests to find out who has the name. For this purpose, the Survey of India and other survey agencies in the country should cooperate.



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