Lok Sabha adjourned sine die, no-confidence motion not taken up


NDA Government who said he was ready for any test was finally disenchanted. Parliament session concludes without discussion of YSR Congress’s non-confidence resolution as part of the Andhra Pradesh special status fight. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan made a key announcement on the sidelines of the forthcoming Lok Sabha, the last day of the Budget Session. The AIADMK MPs who are worrying in the Well are going back to the Speaker who will speak on the notice of non-confidence motion. Eventually, the House was adjourned. 

Opposition MPs were shouting slogans to debate the disbelief while speaking to the Speaker of the two Budget Session. Yet, the Speaker continued his speech. With the opening of the national song between the screams, the MPs get excited. Later, the Lok Sabha was adjourned as a permanent post. On the last day of the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendhra Modi and other leading leaders attended. 



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