Man sleeping on footpath crushed to death by car driven by 19-year-old in Hyderabad

Man sleeping on footpath crushed to death by a car driven by 19-year-old in Hyderabad


HYDERABAD: Over Speed killed a person who is sleeping on Footpath. This incident took place last night on Sunday Kushaiguda area, Hyderabad. Now, this incident went viral on social media. In details,  Four young women who participated in the party at AS Rao Nagar. Later they were shifted to Kodaikundu in the Skoda car at midnight. Due to the excess of the speed, the car was out of Control and hits the footpath. And murdered one man who was sleeping on the roadside.

Moreover,  The other person was injured. Police received the information and arrested young girls. Now that area was under police control. Police identified a deceased person as Ashok who is a cobbler 

The incident happened when a woman named Esanwa Reddy was sitting in a driving seat. The car registration is also her name. Mallakpet, CI Ganga Reddy’s daughter Harika Reddy and two other young girls are in the car. Only one of the four-woman was had alcohol. The case was registered under Section 304 of IPC after the initial investigation. Ashok’s body was sent to postmarket, “Kushyuguda CI Chandrasekhar said to media.

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