Millions of Americans watched total solar eclipse which plunged them in to darkness

Thousands of Americans Spectators wore protective glasses and curiously watched the entire solar eclipse on Monday. Moon blocked out the Sun in the first total solar eclipse in a century. Where as Moon created near-darkness and caused a significant drop in temperatures as the eclipse reached “totality” for several minutes. An estimated 20 million people have been viewed in America’s history. Thousands of people attended the event organized by the Oregon Museum of Science at the Theater in Salem, Oregon. From Oregon to South Carolina, there were 96 km to 113 km darkness over 14 states. Crowds cheered and clapped in Depoe Bay, Oregon, where the “totality” – the moment the Sun is completely blocked – began. The last time a total eclipse took place from one US coast to the other was in 1918, and the last total eclipse anywhere in the US was in 1979.


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