Mind Blowing Survey Record From National News Paper

Recently a survey conducted about 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh. According to  national media reports, the survey was conducted only in 175 assembly constituencies and not included in parliament constituencies; keeping that the sitting MLAs would be fielded for 2019 general elections. As per that survey reports 114 Seats for TDP with 41 percent votes; 49   Seats for YSRCP with 27 percent votes; 10+ Seats for Janasena with 13 percent votes and finally Seats for Congress with 7 percent votes. To know even more interesting updates about this elections watch below video here in our website legendpaper.com.

To add this Pawan Kalyan factor also included in this as per their reports, Pawan fighting alone and raising issues once in a while, it’s said that people opined that they don’t have any opinion on Pawan’s party yet. However, if Janasena contests alone, it’s expected to divide TDP’s vote share and that may help YSRCP to an extent. But Prashant seems to have not taken this into the account while doing the survey.

We can expect that if survey results are anything to go by, TDP is going to win again in 2019 if the elections are conducted with the same MLAs. It’s added that if the candidates of YSRCP are changed, TDP is expected to gain more.


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