Modi and Rahul Big fight for Karnataka Assembly elections

With the end of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh polls, everyone has now come down to Karnataka Assembly elections. There is a political battle between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Karnataka Assembly elections will be held in April-May next year. The Karnataka government headed by Siddaramaiah is currently in power with 127 seats in the Karnataka Assembly out of 224 seats. Congress Government is in ruling. Bharatiya Janata Party claims that Karnataka is also part of the ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. The BJP leaders trust the Hindutva card. The Congress government is bringing the development agenda to the people.

CM Siddaramaiah says, ‘Modi magic’ does not work in Karnataka. BJP CM candidate Yeddyurappa does not agree with this argument. “Gujarat’s victory is because of Modi’s administration. The people of Karnataka also will elect BJP. There is a lot of opposition from people over Siddaramaiah’s government. “Yeddyurappa said. “West Bengal is the only state which BJP struggles hard.”

But Bharatiya Janata Party hope that equations will change after the victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. In the panchayat elections next year, BJP planning to win majority of seats and try to give big shock Trinamool Congress. But the leaders of the TMC dismissed BJP leaders statements. On the other hand, the BJP leaders are planning to win Tripura also.


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