No change in H-1B visa policy so far: U.S. diplomat

No change in H-1B visa policy so far: U.S. diplomat

We all knew that H1B visa has been in new from past few months. Regarding this recently, Education Visa Programm has been held in Delhi. MaryKay Carlson has been a part of this programme who is a deputy chief of Mission at the US during the programme she stated that No change in H-1B visa policy for Indian professionals working in the IT sector of the U.S.

Moreover, ‘Employment visa and work permits for Indians is the sovereign decision of the US’, said MaryKay. The top country conducts the visa day for applied people to obtain the visa. Due to this American organization in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad,  Mumbai and Kolkata consulate general officers are sanction 4000 visa to Indian students. 

“Every country like U.S and India makes its visa policy to ensure employment opportunities are guaranteed to the citizens of the country- that’s a sovereign decision that every country has to make. The U.S. has the freest and open immigration system in the world. Have a look at this video.


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