Parents wanted a son, Afghan girl spends life disguised as a boy for more than ten years

Parents wanted a son, Afghan girl spends life disguised as a boy for more than ten years


Sultanpur (Afganistan): Sitara name reminds the movie the starts. The stars start acting when the director says action. But Sitara of Afghan is doing the same thing from last ten years. Now this news becomes viral on social media. In details, Her full name is Sitara Wafadar who has been live like a male more than decades. All we knew that, if the couple blessed with the baby girls, they are very satisfied to grow up them like a boy.

Now the same incident happened in Sitara life. She is also forced by her parents to be the “son” they never had. Sitara Parents gave birth to 6 girls in those 6th girls is Sitara. From the childhood onwards she uses to wears clothes like a boy even has a desire to wear girls clothes. Due to enabling her to safely perform the duties of a son in the patriarchal country.

She 18-year-old, who dwells with her devastated family in a mud-brick house in a town in Afghanistan’s eastern area of Nangarhar, has spent like a boy for the majority of her life. Every morning she puts on the loose shirt and pants and flip tumbles regularly worn by Afghan guys. Sometimes she covers her short hair with a scarf and develops her voice to hide her genuine sexual orientation.

She took all Responsibility towards her family like a boy:
Sithara will go outside for bricks work along with her father to earn money. But no one knows she’s a girl. If the owner knows she is a girl then they will not provide any work and also raised new problems.  That’s why he tends to cover a little long hair with a scarf. For 500 bricks per day, she got Rs 160. If they do go work, the family will not have anything to eat.

The Ture comes out anytime: 
It is normal problem facing by many parents who don’t have a  female in Afghanistan to raise their children.But it is restricted to some age. After that, the girl must be in the house. But Sitara is not so. The outside world does not know that she is a girl.  “I will work until they know about my gender,” said Sitara. 

Her Parents:  
“We love to introduce Sitara to the world like a boy and we are very proud of my daughter. If they know about her gender no one else there in my house to earn money. Moreover, Sitara father becomes very old who was not able to work for many hours continuously. If we want to go hospital or medical shop we have sent the only boy.  That why Sitara is being like a boy to fulfill their needs. 

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