Rajini Kanth going to Himalaya’s for God’s permission

Despite of stardom, even though he has craze in many countries, Rajinikanth’s style of heroism will be very simple. He like to be simple, who is very modest in his style of life.

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, who has become a habit to go to the Himalayas in time to make any key decision on life, Now he is going back to Himalayas soon.

Rajini has already all set to go to Himalayas. Regarding the politics, establishing new party Rajini is looking forward for God’s permission as he has idea of ​​competing in the upcoming general elections. With strong faith in God, Rajinikanth is always going to the Himalayas and making important decisions in the calm environment.

After the meeting with the Fans, He announced he will step into politics and start a new party if god commands when asked by the media. He is going to the Himalayas very soon. Kollywood members say that Rajinikanth’s decision to take a political admission after meditation in the Himalayas is likely. It started to warm up in Tamil politics.


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