RTC And Private Travels Charges Hike For Sankranthi Festival

In the eve of Sankranthi festival RTC and private travels have set up to  district residents from Hyderabad for big festivals in the form of transportation charges. Already RTC has blocked RTC Reservation website. While private buses are charging 50 per cent additional charges in the name of special buses, private travels are expecting to hike the price between two to three times more depending on the traffic.

On the other hand, Railway waiting list increasing like a big chain. Those who live in Hyderabad for education, employment, business will come to the districts during this big festival. The journey starts from five days before the Sankranthi festival. After a festive season, the rush will last for almost a week. This is big business season for RTC and private travels for nearly two weeks. So that they are Increasing ticket prices in view of passenger traffic.

About 130 buses of private travels run from Hyderabad to Kakinada, Rajamahendravaram, Amalapuram, Tuni, Eleswaram and Rajolu daily, while RTC services run up to 38. In normal days ticket price from Kakinada to Hyderabad is Rs. 600 to Rs.700 and AC Service Up to Rs. 1000. These prices are fluctuating due to congestion. The RTC ticket price is Rs 680. The AC bus cost will be up to Rs. 950. Special buses run on extra ticket prices with passenger congestion during festival days.

Basing on passenger congestion, RTC has blocked its RTC reservation website. Due to the festive rush RTC has reduced reservation period before one month earlier. Private travels have already closed their sites. The RTC has been trying to run about 60 buses to Hyderabad from various depots in the district. RTC is expecting to earn about Rs. 80 lakhs in the form of additional charges from special buses.

Private Travels also expected to rise price to record levels due to congestion. It has not yet opened the respective Travels reservation fee. During the Dussehra festival, Ticket price was up to Rs. 2,500. Similar prices to be expected for this Festival. About 10,000 people are traveling daily through private travels. About 70% passengers traveling in Non-AC buses the rest are choosing AC buses.

It is expected that Non-AC Buses prices ranging from Rs. 1600, to Rs. 2000 hike while AC services prices ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 depend on passenger traffic. Travelers want the transport officials to take action regarding this.

There are 12 trains going to districts from Hyderabad every day. On January 12, Sleeper, Second, third and other classes waiting list is high. Waiting list is high up the 16th of January for return journey. The Railways not yet clarify about special trains running from Hyderabad to the district for the festival.


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