Sasikala clan invested Rs 1,430 crore in ‘dirty money’ in realty

The five-day IT searches in Tamil Nadu’s late Chief Minister Jayalalitha Friend AIADMK Rebal leader VK Sasikala close relatives houses reached to conclusion. The inspections took over 187 places but on Monday searches took places in 8 places. IT officials took Sasikala nephew in to custody for further investigation. IT officials found assets worth Rs 1,430 crore which were not disclosed or not accounted in Sasikala relatives houses. According to an IT investigating officer, they have identified this assets based on the documents obtained from 18 companies. Jewelery worth Rs 5 crore and cash worth Rs 7 crore were also seized.

In the name of ‘Operation Clean Money’, IT raids were done all over Sasikala relatives and neighbors houses on 18th of this month over 187 places in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The attacks were conducted on monday at Jaya TV office in Chennai, Jaya TV CEO Vivek (Sasikala nephew) residence, Sasikala Niece Krishnapriya residence, Midas liquor company, Jayalalitha family doctor Dr. Sivakumar (TTV Dinakaran relavative). Total five days searches golds, diamonds and property documents were seized by the authorities. It was found that “Binami” assets are high.

Vivek was questioned by IT officials on lease of the 11 screens Phoenix Mall in Chennai, In the answer Vivek replied that Lux’s theaters projector, Furniture and Air Conditioners kept for hostage and obtained Rs 42.50 crore. He also furnished Information about the bank documents related to this to IT officals . IT officials seized many documents in Vivek’s residence. IT official took Vivek into custody for further investigation. The searches are almost completed, officials said.


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