Separate Tragic incidents in rivers Ganga and Yamuna

Tragic events took place in Ganga and Yamuna rivers. In the Yamuna river, about 15 people were killed and in Ganga river about six others were killed. These accidents occurred in UP and Bihar.

The boat that travels with the passengers in the Yamuna river in Baghapat in Uttar Pradesh sank accidentally. 15 people were killed in the incident. There are 60 passengers on the boat during the event. Informational police reached the area and assisted the activities. So far 12 people have been rescued and taken to the hospital. Authorities say the death toll could rise. The reasons for the accident are to be investigated. Assistants actions are under way in the place.

In Bihar too, this accident happened in Ganga river. Where as Six people lost their lives in the Ganga river. Police reaching the area are trying to find the dead bodies.


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