Six family members carry out a deadly suicide bombing in Indonesia

Terrorists attack in Indonesia. 13 people were killed and 41 injured when suicide bombers attacked three churches in Surabaya, the second largest city in the country. There were a woman and a child in the dead. Local police say that although minorities in Indonesia have been attacked on a few occasions, it is the first time since 2000. The Santamaria Roman Catholic Church in Surabaya was taken early at 7.30 am (local time). Four deaths were killed along with two suicide bombers. Within a few minutes, it was the second atrocity in the nearby Christian Church of Depenegro. The terrorists attacked Pentecostal Church soon. About the incident, Indonesian President Joka Vidado reached Surabaya and reviewed the medical service to the victims. ISIS claims that it is responsible for this incident.

All the terrorists are the same family
Six suicide bombers were involved in the three attacks, police said. Police said that six of the victims were of the same family, including two girls. Two daughters (9, 12 years) and two young people participated in the attack, along with parents. The local media claimed that the family had recently returned from Syria.

Four terrorists shot dead
Four suspected militants were killed by police in West Java Towns on Sunday morning. Two others were arrested. Would the attack be an attack on this incident? There is no clarity yet. The arrested are JADI members who are involved in the attacks in Indonesia.

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