Tamil Nadu to buy rice from Indoor

Nijamabad: Tamil Nadu State Citizenship Corporation has shown interest to buy rice in Indoor. Tamilnadu has decided to buy rice and import it into their region. The government has taken the decision to procure the bayed rice from Nizamabad district to distribute ration beneficiaries in Tamil Nadu. To this end, our state has signed a contract with the civil supplies department. This collects the rice from the rice millers in the district. In the first installment, it was decided to buy 3,300 metric tons.

Tamil Nadu to buy rice from Indoor

The State Citizenship Agency will serve as the agent in the purchase of grain. For this, Tamil Nadu will pay a commission of Rs. 31 per quintal to the State Citizenship Corporation. The Tamil Nadu government has decided to purchase Grade A for Rs 2,670 per ton and common type rice for Rs.2,610.

The authorities have already created a list of rice suppliers. Tamil Nadu civil aviation authorities will come to the district and monitor the procurement process.

More than support price

Rice millers to supply the rice as per provisions should buy grain at the farmers at an additional rate of Rs 30 per quintals of minimum support price. The minimum support price for grain is Rs 1,590 per quintal, plus Rs 30 per quintal plus Rs.1,620 per quintal. The government hopes that the farmers will have some benefit and will be slightly higher than support price.

The rice mill that was supplied with rice was purchased at the farmer’s details and the details of the farmer and the money payments (check number). All details should be given to the Citizens Organization. However, most rice-millers in the district are looking for a lower price support than the minimum support price, and the sector is being prepared to take up the issue. In the open market, buying at a lower price and selling large amounts of money to the surplus is a huge amount of effort.

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