TDP Shocked with Shilpa Chakrapani decision in Nandyala

An unexpected twist for TDP before Nandyala by-poll elections, TDP MLC Mr. Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy has resigned for Telugu Desam Party on wednesday giving big shock to Party Chief Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu. He forwarded his resignation letter to party office by fax. He resigned to TDP MLA post.

He said in the letter that the party officials not considering the senior leaders and giving priority to the new candidates so that what I resigned the post.

On tuesday TDP MP CM Ramesh discussed with Chakrapani over the issue in that meeting Mr. Chakrapani requested them to give the party ticket in Srishialam, if not he also demanded that he will leave the party.

TDP kept more expectations on the Nandyala Bi-poll Elections, on resignation of Chakrapani Reddy TDP may face huge problems as political observers say that it may show impact on the Nadyala by-elections.



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