Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2017 Dates and timings

Srivari Brahmotsavam is the most auspicious 9 days festival celebrated at Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Tirupathi. This festival goes on for nine days during Ashwin Navratras. According to the legends, the origin of this festival is associated with Lord Brahma.
Brahmotsavam means “Brahma’s Utsav”. On the first day of Brahmotsavam 2017, a ritual called “Anurarpana” is performed. The Anurarpana ritual signifies fertility, abundance, & prosperity. During this nine-day festival, various religious activities like Homas and daily processions take place.

Brahmotsavam Schedule 2017 

Date Day Morning Vahanam Time Night  Vahanam Time
23/09/17 Sat Dwajarohanam 09:00am to 11:00am Pedda Sesha Vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
24/09/17 Sun Chinna Sesha Vahanam 09:00am to 11:00am Hamsa Vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
25/09/17 Mon Simha Vahanam 09:00am to 11:00 Muthyapu Pandiri (Muthu Pandal) 09:00pm to 11:00pm
26/09/17 Tue Kalpa Vruksha Vahanam 09:00am to 11:00 Sarva Bhoopala vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
27/09/17 Wed Mohini Avatharam 09:00am to 11:00am Garuda Vahanam 07:30pm to 1:00am
28/09/17 Thu Hanumantha vahanam 09:00am to 11:00am Golden Chariot (Evening) & Gaja Vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
29/09/17 Fri Surya Prabha Vahanam 09:00am to 11:00am Chandra Prabha Vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
30/09/17 Sat Radhothsavam 09:00am to 11:00am Aswa Vahanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm
01/10/17 Sun Chakra snaanam 09:00am to 11:00am Dwajarohanam 09:00pm to 11:00pm


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