Trainee IAS Officer Snehalatha Interview In Mancherial

Trainee IAS Officer Snehalatha Interview In Mancherial

Excellence Agriculture: ” We should serve the people heartfully”. I will focus on agriculture and education sector. India’s has a huge share in the agriculture department. Now it the need to increase more. I make sure that the government schemes will definitely benefit the farmers financial. And bring the awareness of girls education and injustices happening to the women. It is my duty to educate them, “said the newly arrived trainee IAS Moglii Snehalatha. The trainee will work in the district as IAS for one year. She shared a lot of things with her ‘witness’.

Where is your childhood? 
It was born and grew up in Hyderabad. I completed my schooling and Inter in Hyderabad. I have completed BTech Computer Science in CBIT college.

About family background. 
Snehalatha: Nanna is Rajendra Kumar, a contractor in Hyderabad. And my mother name is Madhavi she is a housewife, and I have two siblings elder sister and younger sister,  who is completed MBA and doing the job. And a brother(Sai tej)is preparing for the groups.

How I came to IAS 
Snehalatha: Participation in various service programs while studying degree. To get more closer to the public, it is possible that the IAS is prepared to be in good position at the government job. When Btech was finished, I told the parents about this. They are also encouraged. 

Where did IAS a batch and training? 
Snehalatah: I wrote a exam in 2016. In the results of 2017, I was selected. Our batch was trained at the Lalabahadoor Training Center. During two months of training, I went to Bharat Darshan Yatra.

Your opinion on training in your own state? 
Snehalatha: IAS Training is happy to be allocated in its own state. In the newly formed district, it has been possible to study people’s problems deeply. I will proceed with the coordination of district officials. The goal is to hold on to the conditions where training is complete.

How to prepare for the test 
Snehalatha: I did not keep the second choice before writing the exam. Throughout the year I lived with books. I am allocated to the lion’s prep for the day. With the help of my family, I was selected in the first attempt with my encouragement. After training, I was here for a year as a trainee IAS for posting goodies.

Message to the youth People:

Snehalatha: Don’t neglect your goal by comparing with time. The work hard person can definitely win the victory. You must struggle hard until you achieve. Do not stop in the middle of the journey in order to achieve the goal. Do not miss any little chance. Especially when you take the time to go, you will reach the target. Our education should be useful to our country rather than ourselves. Everyone should have some social service perspective. 

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