TRS Minister KTR positively Respond on Congress Uttam kumar tweet

TRS Minister KTR positively Respond on Congress Uttam Kumar tweet

Minister KTR thanked TPCC Chief Uttamkumar Reddy. The minister responded positively on a tweet. Local officials have filed a tax evasion of Rs 500 for the hut at Kozhleli east colony in Chimtalamenpally district in Komurambeen-Asifabad district. This is a tweet to CMO. The receipt issued by the authorities, and posted a photograph of the elder’s hut.

Demanded to repay the tax collected from the elderly and build a double bedroom house. Minister KTR responded positively on the Tweet. The District Collector was ordered to correct the mistake made by the local panchayat secretary. The double bedroom house and the pension should be sanctioned for the elderly couple. Have a look at this video.


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